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A Friday - Transience Divine
February 25th, 2012
01:58 am


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A Friday
No day is typical. The last two Fridays represented the proto-climaxes of weeks of curating after months of research, with a Prezi on Complexity and a Update on Melt-Flooding. This Friday was an opportunity to skype to Paris to discuss paper topics with our professor of Global Governance. I said "institutional change", and she said, "Cross-scale dynamics".

Then to a sustainability career fair. The African Wildlife Foundation and the EPA's oversight branch recognized the potential for software skillz plus sustainable development knowledge. Or they just had nicer folk at their tables.

After Information Theory (English text has 1.34 bits of information per letter; learning how to compress data from arbitrary discrete distributions to "fair bits"; wondering if it could be used to make continuous distributions Gaussian), a wonderful dinner with Prodigal. We went to the oldest tavern in NYC, from 1793, with the largest collection of whiskies. And apparently I really do like Rye liquor-- the 21 y.o. Vintage Rye was delicious. For mixed drinks, give me something girly and sweet, with a cherry if possible, but in liquor I guess I run manlier.

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