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Table of Contents from "The Sacred Writings of the World's Greatest Religions" - Transience Divine
January 12th, 2014
02:28 pm


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Table of Contents from "The Sacred Writings of the World's Greatest Religions"
My Oakland apartment came with a single shelf of rather interesting books, including an anthology of religious texts called "The Sacred Writings of the World's Great Religions", by S. E. Frost, 1943.

I've gotten quite taken with it. It's definitely edited for a Christian audience, and I there's some Orientalism in its choice of "great religions", but it does a great job of capturing the "good parts" of a number of works I'm familiar with, a nice balance between cutting and providing long-enough passages, and including a lot that I want to read.

I'll be leaving Oakland in a few weeks, and started going through and collecting digital forms of all the material there, but I realized I was undoing much of the editing that I appreciated about the book. So, I've started to transcribe what I'm calling an "Extended Table of Contents", and put it in dropbox so you can see it while I fill it out.

It's actually an org-mode file, but you can read it as text, and I'm labeling it a txt so you don't have to download it to open it. So far, I just have the first part on Hinduism filled out beyond the simple table of contents, and I've included links to digital copies through Taoism.

If anyone else has well-edited anthologies that complement this one, I would love to hear them.

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