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Working Paper Titles - Transience Divine
February 15th, 2014
03:17 pm


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Working Paper Titles
I recently had to go through my projects and collect a list of working titles for anything that had reached some kind of draft stage. I'm posting these here for prosperity.

  • Multiscale management of the distributed fishery commons

  • Inferring spatio-temporal anchoveta stocks using catch series and plankton measurements

  • Entropy rates of spatially distributed state machines

  • Optimal Slash-and-Burn Farming

  • Glaciers and Flooding in Himalayan River Basins

  • An Open Model for Climate Behaviors

  • Self-Organized Criticality in Marine Ecology and Sustainable Development

  • A Tool for Crowd-Sourcing Empirical Meta-Analyses

  • Performance of agricultural process models using global data

  • Destabilization through crop failures: a mechanism for climate to drive conflict

  • System regressions: inferring the structure of interconnected feedbacks

  • No heat is an island: population as a driver of the heat island effect

  • Emotions, elections, and Hurricane Sandy

  • Probabilistic model coupling: an amalgamated approach to modeling

  • Planet on a plate: the drivers of food production and consumption decisions and their impacts

  • Global Benefits of Marine Protected Areas

  • Creating the commons: fisheries and the World Bank

  • Path Dependence, Political Competition, and Renewable Energy Policy: A Dynamic Model

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