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(_) Old Bottles, Part 1 - Transience Divine
June 11th, 2014
11:56 pm


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(_) Old Bottles, Part 1
I inherited an old bottle collection from my father-- a man who loved reading into things, things that came in bottles, and being the intellectual on a construction site. There's not much to document about them, but I'm going to put down some of what there is.


From the back, here's all I know about them:

Left: no words
Right: E. R. Durkee & Co, Salad Dressing, New York
Center: Dr. Price's Delicious Flavoring Extracts
Right: From Horne's Pharmacy Cor. 24th and Union, Los Angeles, CA
Left: Klingite Fabric Adhesive, dries transparent for tents, awnings, auto-tops, tarpaulins, leather jackets, canvas, upholstery, etc.
Center: no words
Right: no words
Left: Gebhardt Eagle, Chili Powder
Right: [ink bottle?]
Left: [perfume bottle?]

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