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Random Bits - Transience Divine
July 27th, 2004
01:15 pm


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Random Bits
I've have lots of notes that I should post about, but the more I have to say, the less I want to take the time to say it. So I gave up and buckled down. Here are the recent bits.


At a recent Milk & Cookies (HRSFA story-reading event), I mentioned being in the SCA to the Milk & Cookies leader. "So you're in the SCA?!?" "I am, or was." "I'm supposed to be the provost of the Harvard group-- but I don't know anything about it." "Oh, really..." I gave some pointers. I hope to encourage a group at Olin this year, so I should take some of my own advice soon.


Alex Slocum (new ESG director) has been trying to assert authority over ESG. I have a proposal for leaving the first days of the semester as a "trial period", to let frosh experience ESG, rather than just hear about it, before making final decisions. Alex said, "I say no. period. end of discussion." And the ESG community is responding appropriately.


I recently discovered more holiday than I had expected this year. An oversea trip with friends fell through, but from its ashes rose one to New Orleans at the end of August. Plus, at the end of this week, I'm going to a family reunion in Illinois, then to either Vegas, Cider City, or L.A., depending on whom I can visit.

Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Puff the Magic Dragon -- Peter, Paul, and Mary

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