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Fortune - Transience Divine
November 11th, 2004
04:03 pm


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Colleagues ask me how I'm doing, and I feel guilty to say just "Good." In truth, two days ago, I was pretty bummed out: I'd lost my cell phone a week earlier, my ears had been clogged for longer, and I had less to do for work. Yesterday, that all changed. I found my phone lying in a pool of light in the middle of the floor, my ears unclogged, I got unexpected money, and my stock prediction program progressed swimmingly. When I got home, I found Claudia's lost Tamogatchi, and Claudia hired me to teach her something in return for 5 books so I can learn it too.

I said, "Surely the gods are smiling--" before getting interrupted. I think I scared my benefactor away, because within an two hours I developed a sneeze and Claudia told me that she would be gone until Saturday.

But by then it was too late! I had already come up with a nice collection of new projects to work on! Here are the highlights:

  • Cooperative Coordination Page: Facilitate people combining their resources for common purchases, like magazine subscriptions and fresh food. More importantly, all levels of cost (from produce to multiple consumers) would be transparent and changeable.
  • Backwards History of Philosophy: Develop a course on philosophy, starting from present day and working back to the pre-Socratics, presenting each philosophy as a holistic paradigm, while allowing the learner to understand their own paradigms by seeing their ancestry.
  • Other new projects: "Fair Use" Learning Materials Page; Design for collective data collection site, to make a historical trends graph; a PIC-based Neural Network ALife pendant; Your Money or Your Life FI program; Following siderea's RBC re-education project.

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Date:November 12th, 2004 06:42 pm (UTC)
the "backwards history of philosophy" project sounds like an idea that's long overdue. best of luck!
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