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Creating a Governing Body - Transience Divine
December 2nd, 2004
11:38 am


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Creating a Governing Body
ESG is putting together a "steering committee" that will probably replace CICDO as its main community (staff and student) governing body. We're putting together our rules of operation now-- if anyone wants a good challenge, try defining the rules of a government.

I believe strongly in consensus decision-making; I think it's the only way to fully value dissent and minority opinion. Other methods sacrifice this for efficiency. So I wanted to come up with a solution that got both without being game-able. I think I got something that mostly values dissent and is only somewhat game-able. Take a look at my suggested steering committee operating procedure-- I'm interested in any other ideas that are out there.

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Date:December 4th, 2004 06:52 pm (UTC)

steering committee guideline

you have:
The goal of decision-making is to empower people, not limit them

I'm not sure empowerment is inherently valuable, unless because of the context (what the heck is ESG or CICDO?) you are assuming that all the relevant people are good, trustworthy, competent people. While this may be the case, (and by the nature of deceit it may be less the case than you think it to be) it should be more explicit that the value judgment you've made (yay for empowerment) hinges on the assumption that people will not use empower for corrupt ends, in which case a governing body's decision making would not have as a goal the empowerment of those people. It even seems that you do not hold this assumption, as one of your stated goals in constructing this (otherwise efficient and flexible system) was reducing game-ability. It would seem you need to think more about how much this governing body trusts it subjects, which should have a significant impact on the philosophy behind the system.

Jake B
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