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Bad Weeks and Good Weeks - Transience Divine
March 14th, 2005
10:43 am


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Bad Weeks and Good Weeks
I had two bad weeks, but last week was good and this week looks good. I'm mostly caught up from the bad weeks, so Spring Break (MIT's and Olin's are the same week) will be a chance to go deeper than the surface of my todo lists. Especially so, since C. will be in Florida (*sigh*).

The low point was Sunday night, two weeks ago. My arm was still pretty broken, my niece had brain tumors, my computer crashed with all my data, it was cold, and I was poor. C. was naked next to me, trying to get my attention and falling asleep. I mostly ignored her for Olin work, and I went to sleep a hour after she did and woke up and left 2.5 hours before her.

It made me angry at all my responsibilities and myself. I think it's wonderful now-days that most of my responsibilities are self-imposed, but between those and the not-so-self-imposed ones, I was more than beat. I've decide to keep track of my time the way I keep track of my money (q.v. Your Money or Your Life, My timesheet)

Last week was a great week for ideas. I've been working on a tutorial for my written language and I realized that, within my language "You are the line." On Thursday, I got into a great discussion on the philosophy of love, and come up with the disputed relation dI/dt = ergo * agape-hat. And I've been working on determining the nature of the gestalt of signals and systems. Here's my first attempt at a diagram of that whole.

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Date:March 14th, 2005 08:59 pm (UTC)
whoa... like mr. joel once said, you certainly do go to extremes...!

let me guess: agape-hat is perpendicular to eros-hat and philia-hat?
i'd love to see your derivation of the equation in any case.
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Date:March 24th, 2005 04:22 pm (UTC)
> let me guess: agape-hat is perpendicular to eros-hat and philia-hat?

I don't know if eros-hat and philia-hat exist. Part of my claim is that agape is pure direction, with no magnitude, and that eros is pure magnitude, but can only be directed with a bit of agape. So magnitude denotes a "movement toward" and direction is in an infinite-dimension space, so that it can point at anything. In any case, I derived it from experience and intuition, not from other equations.
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