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Mysteries of the Universe - Transience Divine
March 24th, 2005
10:56 am


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Mysteries of the Universe
My book for this week is The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and I'm totally freaking over it.

Last night it revealed to me a chunk of the mysteries of the life, concerning the radical oneness of the universe. I wrote it up for all to see: PDF. Then I looked at the time and realized that I'd been zoning for six hours and should go to sleep. My big thought now is, "If I can get this much of a trip off reading about LSD, I wonder how far I can go from actually taking it!"


I'm currently freaking on Tom Wolfe, so this may be incomprehensible.

Much of the structure of this has a lot to do with the particular internal conflicts that I have encountered, and may not be applicable to others.

The connections shown are only the first level: the very fabric of the page is formed by an infinite network of connections, so that each concept is just around a corner from every other.

In other news, I got back my HD data! For $400 at Nationwide Data Recovery ("Where we don't treat your data like a high priced commodity"), which is half of what I saw elsewhere. The guy there started cussing about his network while I was on the phone with him, but he didn't flinch at sending me my gigabytes of music-collection.

This week is spring break for Olin and MIT. C. went to Florida, so I've been working almost non-stop (and reading Wolfe). I was bored for the first could of days, without C. around, but since then it's been absolute bliss. I can't wait until I'm Financially Independent so I can do this all the time.

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Date:March 24th, 2005 09:52 pm (UTC)

I got a big gestalt impression from reading through it, so I'm not entirely sure it would be fair to say I understood it. But, well, sorta.

Re: The middle diamond (things surrounding The Full Life). By "Deprecated", do you mean in general/absolute or for you personally in comparison to where they currently are in your life?

I'm currently on a "pro-negative-emotions" kick. I've felt that way a long time, but what with school and all, I find it keeps coming up as a topic. I've been discussing with That Other INTJ (in two of my classes) the proper healthy roles of anger and shame. Healthy fear came up in other conversations.

So, how much of what's on that schematic is in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test itself? Also, did you read Be Here Now by Ram Das? (If not, did you want to borrow my copy?)
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Date:March 25th, 2005 06:11 am (UTC)
I'm glad it made some sense! When I look at it now, it seems so arbitrary and incomplete, compared to what I was trying to relate.

> By "Deprecated", do you mean in general/absolute or for you personally in comparison to where they currently are in your life?

In general, by deprecated I meant:
Support for these approaches to life is to be discontinued in the near future. They are still available for backwards compatibility, but it is strongly recommended that you switch to a Life, the Universe, and Everything v4.1 supported approach.

I mean the comparison between the full life and the surrounding deprecated parts to be a sort of limited-universality. Within my universe, it's clearly that way (whether I can achieve the full life or not). But I was thinking of that when I disclaimed that it might not be for everyone, simply by virtue of the sorts of things that I worry about. For example, I'm not the least concerned about N-S axis disfunctionalities, because I'm currently a lost cause, being an N so far down. But I can imagine that someone who is concerned with those would draw a different picture.

> I'm currently on a "pro-negative-emotions" kick.

Are you sure you're pro- the particular kind of negative emotions I'm nay-saying? Anger and a kind of fear are natural and a necessary part of the here and now. I'm specifically bemoaning the negative emotions that result from a negative valuation of self-worth. I don't fully grok the goth romance with the negative, but I thought it was associated with death and grief, which I do somewhat understand the worth of dwelling on. But they're different.

> So, how much of what's on that schematic is in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test itself?

EK-AAT created a kind of crystallization, around Oneness and how to live and religion. When I started, it seemed like the whole came from it, but as I tried to say what relations it had crystallized, it became very clear that things went far beyond the book. I could probably give you a list of the elements that the book directly touched-- it would probably include about 1/3 of the items, mostly on the left side-- but I don't think it would mean much.

> Also, did you read Be Here Now by Ram Das?

I have read Be Here Now, and freaked on it too! At the time, it clearly went deeper than I could grasp, though I got some things from it. But the very things I got from it are the ones being built stronger and further with EK-AAT. I suspect that means that when I go back to Be Here Now after I'm done with this, I'll be able to get at a deeper layer.
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