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Free Again - Transience Divine
May 8th, 2005
03:37 pm


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Free Again
I'm free! Free as hippopotami in a seltzer lake.

My classes finished last Friday (MIT continues for another week, but I had the final meeting of my joint MIT-Olin class then). I still have grading to do, finals to give, and Olin Expo to help with, but nothing required of me but my time.

And this is the last month on Olin's umbilical cord before I need to make my own babies. Anyone have projects for a good, fast independent contract programmer?

Here are my scheduled plans for the next season:

  • Independent Contracting (29 hr/wk)
  • Develop Gumption Center (7 hr/wk)
  • Greater Cambridge Community Events Calendar (7 hr/wk)
  • System Signals Predictor (7 hr/wk)
  • Public Service/Activism (6 hr/wk)
  • Inner Work and Religosity (6 hr/wk)
  • Serious Blogging (6 hr/wk)
  • SCA and Peasants Activities (4 hr/wk)
  • A Summer Seminar in ESG (4 hr/wk)
  • Finish Things for Olin (4 hr/wk)

I'll say more if my plans actually fruitate.

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