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Question for the Rocky People - Transience Divine
December 5th, 2005
12:30 am


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Question for the Rocky People
I just added a bunch of Rocky people to my friends list-- certainly not all of my friends from Rocky, but a start. So here's a question that I've been pondering for all the Rocky's.

Rocky parties are great hives of debauchery, with plenty of drinking, drugs, and some intimate contact. And a little public nudity, but not so much. In fact, I've noticed a real hesitancy from people to be fully unclothed at parties, and it seems so at odds with the stated norms of the group that I have to ask: am I missing something?

I think that most people, even some of the solidly gay ones, would agree that naked women are nicer to look at than naked men. Most men just look a little silly naked. But some guy has gotten publicly naked at the majority of the Rocky parties I've attended, while women almost never do. Sometimes that guy has been me, and the comments I get usually aren't compliments (Variations on "Wow you're hairy." are most common), but people seem to appreciate that someone has gotten naked anyway. Wouldn't naked women be even better? What's discouraging them?

I understand that a lot of Rocky people are pretty young, and maybe haven't come to terms with their bodies, but I don't think that's the issue-- public nudity is just outside the culture in a way that surprises me. I happen to think that most people are more beautiful naked than in even the most becoming outfits, although I could understand people thinking otherwise. Is it that you're concerned about being objectified or misunderstood if you get naked to quickly?

I'm also surprised at this because it seems more conservative that what I'm used to at MIT. At least in the groups that I frequent, when we have a play sex games (which admittedly isn't often), sooner or later we're all playing the game naked. And when we call shirtless'o'clock, it means topless'o'clock, and bras go too. Are MIT students just more sexually liberated then Rocky people?

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Date:January 31st, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
I think a lot of rocky people are quintessentially insecure. Attracted to rocky because it provides validation.

That said, there is plenty of female nudity at rocky parties. Not as much as I would /expect/, given the overwhelmingly sexual nature of our little group, but there is some.

Final thought is about the size of these parties. Now that I think about it, most of the naked girls I have encountered at rocky parties have been in smaller groupings-- either a smaller parties, or in rogue factions of bigger parties in other rooms. I think a big effect on female nudity is that there is (almost) always someone new or strange at these parties. Someone the ladies might not know, and would be weary to get naked in front of. Alternatively, in bigger parties there will probably frequently be that guy (or girl, for the sake of being PC) that she does not want leering at her. Rocky is large, not everyone is close, or even friendly. In the smaller setting (like your MIT gatherings are, maybe?), it might be more likely that the people are closer, more comfortable with each other, so this is more conducive to girls not being bashful.
Why the same isn’t true for guys probably has to do with gender rolls. We’re not afraid of being leered at by strange people. And if someone we don’t like looks at us in the buff, who cares? We can simply not flirt with them. While women, being the traditionally passive ones would have to risk comments, attention, and of course attack (not to say that anyone would, girls have been taught to be weary).

Now, back to work.
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