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End of Term and Trip to Europe - Transience Divine
December 10th, 2005
06:31 pm


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End of Term and Trip to Europe
I love the end of term. Most of the MIT frosh have de-froshed and are finding their places in communities that are finding new life through them, and the Birth of Math and Philosophy class that I'm helping with has ripened to a level of discussion and comradery beyond our expectations. On Friday a group of us in ESG broke out in spontaneous La Vie Boheme sing-a-long. It was glorious.

For the many of you who haven't heard yet, I will be leaving at the end of January to finally pursue my wanderlust across Europe. I'm making no definite plans, but the general outline is this: I'll fly into London, and go across the channel and down along the coast of France and Spain pretty quickly, to get south while it's still cold, and then across to Italy. If the mood takes me, I'll head across to Greece and follow the Adriatic Sea north, and then to Vienna, Prague, and Berlin; otherwise, I'll probably go through Switzerland to Germany, and then back through Amsterdam to spend more time in France. In total, I'll be wandering for between one and six months-- most likely around three.

As for what I'll be doing in Europe... I'm not really sure, and I'm open for suggestions. I'll be staying in youth hostels some nights and sleeping outside in a sleeping bag others. I'll be taking the train a lot and walking a lot. I'll be following one of those "Europe on 25 cents a day" books, and I'll run out of money and work a bit and then travel some more. And if I have the time, I'm going to put it all in a picture-ful blog.

Anyone want to come with me? I realize the sort of life situations that allow for this are few and far between, but I'd love company if you're in one too.

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