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Transience Divine

April 3rd, 2011

April 3rd, 2011
12:25 pm


Thought Experiments
Suppose that when you die, you are told that you have and will continue to be reincarnated forever. In fact, there are unlimited worlds that you can live your next life on, and a full catalog awaits from which you can choose. Many worlds are closer to God (or the One, the divine essence) than this one. The catch is that if you decide to open the catalog, you can never find this world again. For example, you could live ten lives in this world, and then ten lives in another, and so on forever.

If you knew there was a lifetime more of beauty to find and good to do here, would you ever choose to change worlds? When?

Additionally, suppose that you can choose to be reincarnated with the same soul you have now, or choose from an infinite catalog of other souls. But if you give up your current soul, you can never come back to it. You could choose to be the Dalai Lama in your next life, but then you can never be yourself again.

If you knew there was a lifetime more of growth for you and wisdom in need (on whatever planet you live on) with this soul, would you ever try a different one?

Now, suppose that constantly in life you are being offered these choices. One way it's framed may seem fairly removed: you are asked, in a million ways, whether you want to engage with people directly, or to engage with tools of various sorts. The tools (from computers to paradigms to limbs and eyes to the mind) are offered as a way to help you grow and do more. The catch is that the divine essence is to be found in the Other, in people, and every tool brings you further from It.

You can choose to give up as much technology as you want to be closer to God and others, but whatever you give up you can never get back in the same way. What would you give up, and when?

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