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Transience Divine

June 4th, 2011

June 4th, 2011
07:52 pm


Posting for Posting Sake
I need to just write more, and not worry about having so much to say! I feel guilty about just posting project updates here, rather than personal ones.

Flame and I are well on our way to a full inversion of gender roles. I kiss her off every morning, and putz around the house until she comes back in the evening. We get the New York Times, and last week Flame immediately asked for the Business section (she has to stay on top of it for Greenpeace), and I grabbed Home (which had a leading article on inefficient bulbs).

That hardest part of grad school, I'm finding, is knowing when to try to make something publishable. No one advises me, so I work on projects and write things up and try in vain to get anyone to give me feedback.

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