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Starting a Salon - Transience Divine
June 14th, 2006
02:17 pm


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Starting a Salon
I want to start a Salon: a gathering of minds to entertain and enlighten
each other, to discuss the questions of the day, and to explore new
avenues of art, philosophy, and society.

The worth of the Salon is its atmosphere, which I hope will be one of
bold mutual discovery. It is a place where every contribution is
welcomed, deep truths are doggedly ferreted out, and we respect each
other as reservoirs of untold riches. I hope we can learn to bring
light to the most hidden ideas, and never shy away from discussing
religion, politics, or science, if therein lies the answer we're groping
for or the question hanging over us. Let us read Byron, debate theories
of the universe, critique contemporary art, and build revolutions.

Our goal will be like that of the Reality Club, "to arrive at the edge
of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated
minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the
questions they are asking themselves."

It is said that this particularly flower of the social world rarely
blossoms in the English-speaking world, but I expect that with the
proper cultivation we can coax it out. There will be no assigned
discussion topics, just good conversation about what's important. The
only preparation possible between meetings will be to live a deeply
considered life full of contributions, and be ready to bare it and them
to your peers.

To start, I think the Salon should gather once a week, in the evening.
The day may vary depending on what interesting characters are in town,
but I want to find a good default. If you want to ensure that it's a
day you can join in, tell me your constraints now and I'll do my best to
satisfy them.

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Date:June 14th, 2006 06:22 pm (UTC)
sounds like fun.
Date:June 14th, 2006 09:22 pm (UTC)
I'm game.
[User Picture]
Date:June 14th, 2006 09:23 pm (UTC)
that was me.
[User Picture]
Date:June 15th, 2006 02:23 am (UTC)
That sounds like a great idea
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