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Personal Update - Transience Divine
June 19th, 2006
02:38 am


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Personal Update
Have I mentioned recently how much I love Cambridge? Cambridge is the center of my world and the meeting point of all things good: MIT, with it's infinity of communities; Carolingia, the finest Barony in the Known World; the Full Body Cast, alternative life lived to the fullest. [I'm exploring adding links to explain references between my various communities; though I expect they're usually not needed.]

On Wednesday, when the FBC preshow meeting ran short, I put in my first appearance at SCA dance practice in more than six months, dragging along a new friend from Rocky. I'd abandoned the SCA when consulting got crazy before my trip, but it was so excellent seeing my old friends that I need to start juggling the two again. Afterwards at Tosci's, the discussion raged between cross-dressing, LARPing conventions, aging, Pennsic, and Rocky (brough up by another Scadian), when a large birthday crowd from Random Hall burst in. It was a beautiful confluence of our small world of the weird.

In other news, after much work, my apartment is feeling well enough to accept visitors, and senor_don_gato is helping me design my kitchen. My consulting prospects are looking ideal, with two excellent companies doing very different kinds of work, and enough time left over to pursue personal projects. I've settled into a new way to keep track of 50+ blogs and news sources using BlogBridge and WordCount, and a better calendar system using Emacs and PHP iCalendar. And somehow I ended up being responsible for a cat and an iguana. So life is good.

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