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Week in the Life - Transience Divine
June 25th, 2006
11:43 pm


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Week in the Life
My copy of Introduction to Sanskrit arrived, and I'm already swooning over it. What's not to love about a language that calls it's script the "city of immortals" and organizes consonants into a 5-by-5 table based on point of articulation?

Tuesday and Wednesday ended at Tosci's, in large groups of Scadians who had gathered from various activities around MIT. For improbable confluences, there was discussion there about the importance of after-activity social get-togethers, at the same time as people in Rocky have identified a lack of that as a cause for falling preshow meeting attendence. I'm considering starting to host after-preshow-meeting-gatherings for Rocky after next week.

On Friday I went ballroom dancing with the lights crew from Rocky; I go back for a free one-on-one lesson Monday. Aside from the kitschy feel and hard-selling of personal lessons, it's exactly what I was looking for. I just hope they have group classes.

The Rocky show was a bittersweet blast. It was d_day and uncleaj's last show, for a while anyway, and the audience had tons of energy. When d_day, who was playing Rocky, got hurt, everyone and her dirty uncle helped play the role. I got to light and learn cues all night.

In other news, I've now gotten in bed with my two clients for pay, doing PHP/MySQL web design and C++/Java video hardware communication.

I also realized that I've been playing games recently to try to show someone that I'm worthy to spend time with; the kind of tactics that are an insult both to her and myself. I think I shook that off.

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