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[rocky] Ahead - Transience Divine
December 4th, 2006
02:17 am


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[rocky] Ahead
I'm glad to be done with my Riff audition (was good!) and Trixie (was good!); now I can concentrate on Frank.

I'm eying the Saturday two weeks from now (the 16th) for another party at my place, but I haven't heard of any plans for the 23rd. Does anyone know if someone is planning on hosting it? And I'm looking for new games to have at my party (making Rocky-perversions of children's games (Shots and Loaders? I don't even have to play with names for Candy Land and Monopoly) came up at the party).

Current Music: the rules are bent, when you have to pay rent, just to live

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Date:December 4th, 2006 09:44 am (UTC)
Ahhh, sorry I missed your Trixie. I was really looking forward to it! You have a lot of good ideas, and I'd like to see what sort of party you can put on.
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