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[salon] Salon Discussion, December 5 - Transience Divine — LiveJournal
December 16th, 2006
03:31 am


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[salon] Salon Discussion, December 5

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Date:December 20th, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)
Most other universities are not as hosing as this one. Or, rather, other universities are not obsessing over the possibility of their students committing suicide. MIT is.

Last time I checked, people didn't commit suicide because they were unhappy with their living groups or because they missed Rush. I had a friend who tried to commit suicide freshman year because she was mentally ill. If she had lived in a different dorm or among a different group of students, she still would have been mentally ill.

If you seriously think that the existence or non-existence of Rush is going to decide whether students commit suicide or not (or that you're going to convince any administrative people of this after a student managed to kill himself during Rush by drinking too much,) then I'm sorry, but you have not thought this through.

MIT's approach to possibly suicidal students, BTW? It's not changing their living groups around to make them happier. It's kicking them out so they can go live with the abusive families who drove them crazy in the first place.

MIT doesn't give a shit about suicidal students. MIT gives a shit about being sued by the parents of suicidal students. If those parents can say, "Look, you let these communities full of anarchists and druggies and bi-poly pagans and people painting their walls black and blah blah exist and that's what killed my kid, these evil influences you surrounded them with," then MIT is going to have a pretty good interest in getting rid of those communities.

Not that anyone has made that particular argument in a suicide case or anything.
Good for you. So?

So you'd fucking deal. You'd discover that other interesting people do live on campus, find them, and hang out with them. Then you'd lodge a transfer request with housing office and get moved in about a year.

Living in McGregor is not the end of the world, and some of the people there are actually nice, interesting folks who don't spend all of their time trying to match their handbags to their skirts.
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