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[life] Updates - Transience Divine
December 23rd, 2006
01:37 am


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[life] Updates

  • Many friends have left to visit their no-longer-homes; at the moment, my plan is to vacation in Cambridge except for Christmas Eve. I'm staying at the Opium Den to care for Chloe-the-cat starting Sunday. If anyone is around and wants some adventure, get in touch.
  • I now have two trashed houses to clean: left-overs from a triple-whammy of the Rocky Party, a Salon, and Claudia staying over. Somehow Claudia can generate more mess than 30 drunk Rockys-- and making me feel more used than a hawk president who can't take a hint. Sometimes.
  • I finally saw Reefer Madness the Musical on DVD! The choreography is beautiful!, and the pot-riddled situations and characters so true. I can't wait to see the MIT production-- starting January 26.
  • I did my first real winter-gift shopping today (not counting a window-shopping trip a few days ago to re-awaken my consumerism). One more day ought to do it.
  • My impulse self-purchase was How to Succeed with Women which looks better than it sounds. I'm quite happy with my female relations now, but it'll be good for the long-term. I'm trying to decide if I want to create a distinct real-life persona to try out a bunch of social experiments.

Current Music: Hol den Vorschlaghammer / Sie haben uns ein Denkmal gebaut

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