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[me] Incredible Weekend - Transience Divine
March 19th, 2007
08:31 pm


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[me] Incredible Weekend
Incredible weekend. I'll be swooning over Cambridge for weeks.

ESG got a new 6 ft diameter beanbag "love sack"! People piles and discussion of sex and fluids at ESG ensued ("the beanbag's been here 30 minutes and sketchiness has increased 300%"). To tEp that evening for hanging and working and eating, and eventually partying, with C. I met the renowned MIT-bum-philosopher Pevner (we discussed the future of philosophy-- he thinks the next big thing is going to be connotation), got introduced to a new level of massage technique, and schmoozed with tEps and Emersonians till late.

Saturday morning breakfast at Renee's Cafe with a good Olin friend. Attended Vision of the Twelve Goddesses, with the beautiful goddesses and their beautiful garb, hilarious i Sebastiani anti-masque, and seeing many friends. Nabbed the "dancing girls" subtlety (thank you richenza!) and dropped it off at the Church St. theatre to gift to the enchanting padfootwhore and andelsky, formerly my light techs, for doing their first (joint, dancish (trixie)) performance that night.

Got back just in time to bake an experiment for the Lucky Corner Ladies' cook-off, and then gorge myself full of their deserts.

Played Riff at the last moment when bri4n was MIA, and lost my chance to see the trixie (*pout*) while doing my makeup. He showed up late and had an accident with a non-structural ceiling that got him kicked off the cast, making me the full-time Riff in his place (*mixed-feelings-but-excited*). Relaxed after-party at elctric_mayhem's.

Finally saw Shortbus! Really enjoyed it, especially the loving embrace of the juxtaposition of sweetness and torture in sex, though I think it bit off an awful lot for 101 minutes. Ended the weekend back with C. at tEP, and got an "I knew you from when you hypnotized me" from a passing undergrad.

Looking forward to a Salon-Party on Friday (good discussion, good food, good company-- you're welcome to join us!), and my trixie which I moved to April fools weekend.

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