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[salon] Salon-Party, this Friday! - Transience Divine
March 22nd, 2007
01:45 am


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[salon] Salon-Party, this Friday!
I'm having a Salon-Party this Friday, and you should come (unless you're going to the Rocky night at Dick's Last Resort)! Part salon, part party: we'll have good food and drink, good company, and plenty of good discussion.

When: Friday, March 23, starting around 7 pm
Where: My apartment, 283 Washington St., Cambridge
Directions: http://www.existencia.org/info/grey17.txt

Many of the French salons were like parties, with the greatest thinkers of the day schmoozing, sharing ideas, and playing games (language games being the most popular). If you have ideas for activities or games, tell me about them! And invite friends that you think would enjoy the
salon atmosphere!

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