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[random] One, Two, Three, ..., Infinity - Transience Divine
March 30th, 2007
05:06 am


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[random] One, Two, Three, ..., Infinity
I saw the man on the moon
for the first time now.
He looked so surprised,
just woken to find 200000 miles below him.
Kabir says, "Don't give a name to it.

God is the sound of the flute coming in."
We jest we're a step away from baboons,
But it's only the unknown we feel on our necks.
Why be surprised to find the flute
on our lips?

Yearning is a gift,
the horses always pull for home.
My books taught me that,
but the guest was waiting for me to put them down
and come outside.

Did you know that in 100 years, either NYC or London will probably be gone due to global warming? I love my apartment, but that's worth stopping the train for. The US is too caught up in "progress" that I don't think new technology or political activism will cut it-- we need to totally change how we live, and then be infectious. Anyone up for a beacon on the hill commune within T radius?

I have too much time on my hands this week, and I want to spend more with Rocky friends. Setting up casual gatherings is so much more difficult after college. Is there a FBC chat channel somewhere? Should there be? With MMM closed to Rocky parties (hopefully not for long), I want to pick up some of the slack, but I'm worried about my apartment-mates' response. I hope to start hosting once a month, but they'll be exactly as special of parties as you all make them.

Current Music: when Cyrus asks the moonlight / Do I have to make a choice

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