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[plans] Summer Activities - Transience Divine
June 16th, 2007
03:21 am


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[plans] Summer Activities
I have lots to do this summer, and I want you to join me. Here are some of my plans. Probably only half of these will actually happen-- make them the half you want!


I want to organize a seminar for the summer. We'll probably starting in July, and go until we're done. My top choices are "The Coming Years: An Exploration of the Future" and "The Science of Social Interaction" from my December list, and the two below:

Apartment Technology Workshop: Lights, cameras, and action! Outfit your living spaces with things that buzz, flash, open doors, and feed your ferret on command. We'll brainstorm intelligent mechanisms and wild household improvements to collaborate on, and choose as many projects as we have time for that will let us all take something home. No past EECS/Mech-E experience needed.

German Support Group: Learn German with us! Come struggle through the language from the ground up, using books, tapes, expert guests, and most of all, each other. As we expand our vocabulary and understanding of the grammar, we'll take every opportunity to speak in our new tongue, as best we can.

Tell me if you want to do any of these!


I'm working on a few things, and I'd love others to join me.

Departure Point Travelers Community: I'm building a business to help travelers share information, meet up, and potential fund their travels. In part, it's a cross between LiveJournal and Friendster, offering free blogs for travelers, with maps that record their and their friends' wanderings and let them learn about and review places to go. Foremost, I need a web graphic designer, but anyone with experience in business, web development, and travel could help!

Your Money or Your Life this July: Your Money or Your Life is a book that lays out a new approach to personal finance and ultimately a path to financial independence (never having to work again)... but it isn't easy. Start this July, and we can do it together! Tell me if you want more information or to borrow the book.

Learning to Drive: I can't drive, and I'm getting less proud of it by the year. Learn to drive with me! How's this Thursday to mob the RMV for our learner's permits? At the end of the summer, we can all celebrate our new licenses by getting plastered and racing around Boston.


Camping Trip: I love camping, and there are lots of good places to go. I'm thinking mid-July, and there's a park in Vermont I have my eyes on, with a beautiful lake and plenty of trails. The more the merrier!

I also plan to go to Pennsic (Aug. 5 - 12) and Burning Man (Aug. 27 - Sep. 3) this summer! If you want to come, talk to me.

And I believe there were plans to go to Quebec. This is a poke to those people!

Finally, I'm also a organizer-at-large. If you have something you want to do with other people, convince me that I want to do it too, and I can help you make it happen.

Current Music: Penny point, ain't no one keepin' score/Pass the paper bag that holds the bottle

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Date:June 16th, 2007 07:57 am (UTC)
I'd love to help with the travel blog thing. It sounds like a great idea.
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Date:June 16th, 2007 08:39 pm (UTC)
Excellent! The site for it is currently broken (I've been making changes), but it's at http://www.depoint.net/. I'm talking to the MIT venture mentors in a couple weeks to discuss the next steps to making it a business.
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Date:June 16th, 2007 06:00 pm (UTC)
Jack and I can help you learn to drive - manual transmission (so you can still hang out with the cool kids). Not as hard as it sounds on paper, and I guarantee you cannot fuck up the Saab any more than it already is, short of driving it deliberately into a tree. :) Call us.
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Date:June 18th, 2007 05:13 pm (UTC)
Modulo the usual problem of my insane schedule, the Exploration of the Future is a topic that always fascinates me. Hard stuff, but really interesting if you play the game in a disciplined fashion...
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Date:June 25th, 2007 12:15 am (UTC)
I'm very interested in doing that seminar, but doing it well will take a lot of planning, so I want to write it up as an official seminar for MIT's spring semester. I'll make sure to give you a heads up when that happens.
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