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Rocky Party Substitute - Transience Divine
November 4th, 2007
02:44 am


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Rocky Party Substitute
We've been having problems finding places to hold after-parties since a bunch of really nice houses have become less available (Jon's, Stina's, Cassie and Kelly's, MMM's, Morgan's). I still can't host more than once ever couple months, but here's what I can offer: any week we don't have a party, you can come over to my place and watch movies with me.

I'll make sure I always have a couple of interesting options (something sexy, something cultish), and all the popcorn you can drink. This is an open-invitation, but not to be publicized, per se. I'm not going to announce what movies I'll have (but I'll know by each Friday evening, if you want to ask), because I'd much rather party, if possible.

And if want to watch something tonight, give me a call.

[Addendum: Have any movie suggestions or movies you'd like to see? Tell me!]

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