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Tickets Bought! - Transience Divine
December 3rd, 2007
11:44 am


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Tickets Bought!
I'm out of breath-- I just bought my tickets to visit South America in January. I fly into Santiago, Chile on January 14 and I have until February 4 to travel 1500 miles to San Paulo, Brazil. It seemed like every deal was sold out, but this really is my dream South America trip, at the perfect time of year, for a decent length of time, and I finally got it for $200 less than seemed possible an hour ago.

Aside from my big stop in Buenos Aires, and hitting up carnival in Brazil, I don't have many plans. Suggestions? Amazon is sending my South America on a Shoestring travel guide soon! Sadly, the Amazon itself will be 1000 miles out of reach.

I'm also visiting my sister in Utah with my parents for Christmas! Probably the last time the family will be together for a while.

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Date:December 3rd, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
don't eat the gopher
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