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Party Followup - Transience Divine
December 16th, 2007
01:14 pm


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Party Followup
I want to apologize to everyone who got kicked out of my party when the police came. I feel particular bad about not making it clear to the cops that the vast majority of people there were in no shape to drive. I hope everyone got home safe.

I love hosting parties, and I like them to be big, and good, and *loud*. I plan my parties a month in advance, and having the cops visit is not on the agenda.

I'm going to talk to all my neighbors within earshot. After apologizing for the noise, I'm going to say, "So, I have these late Saturday night parties every couple months. How can I make sure they don't disturb you? Here's my cellphone number." I might even warn the cops that there's a late-night party, but that the neighbors all know about it.

I'll tell you'all how it goes. I want this to be the last cop-visitation, but not the last loud party.

Also, by my next party, my apartment should have a fully finished kitchen for the first time in a decade! Woo-hoo!

[Edit: Talked to landlord (who lives on the third floor) and two neighbors-- no one even noticed the noise. My landlord even wondered if the party was canceled because it was so quiet.]

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