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Christmas Od - Transience Divine
December 26th, 2007
01:28 pm


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Christmas Od
My family is spending Christmas in Utah with my sister this year. Much as I love my sister, I had to be guilt-tripped into going to Mormanland. It could be the last Christmas we spend together for a while.

I flew to Las Vegas Sunday evening. I didn't reserve the shuttle to Utah, so it didn't come. So I went to the Greyhound station, found out when the next bus was the next morning, and trekked to the local hostel (Greyhound station attendee: "you mean, like a halfway house?"). On the way, I got to talking to a nice guy who offered me grass, or bitches, or whatever I wanted. I said I appreciated the offer, but not tonight. He then briefly begged for money, then threatened to have me beat up by some guys we were approaching (a clear bluff), then begged some more. Riiiiight. I met him again on the way back, 6 hours later-- same deal.

I love my family. My parents got me Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes. The jokes aren't exactly thigh-slappers, but it's fun. My favorite line so far: "Is that an aspirin you're taking, Bob, or an atypical elephant?"

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