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A Friday at Home - Transience Divine
February 23rd, 2008
06:28 pm


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A Friday at Home
Fridays have become my new favorite day for an evening at home! This week was very full (though I suppose that doesn't mean much for me-- I only worked 20 hours for my clients), so Friday was a chance to blow of steam through random projects. From artistic, and quickly going nerdy:

I finished a self-portrait! Well, it didn't start out that way-- it was just a technique I thought would be fun to play with (painting with melted wax). But half of my projects become self-portraits anyway.

I started the Garage Sale Site (with some new story ideas, and high hopes). It's a pretty clean startup company prospect, but not one that I want to push, though I could work with someone else on it. I want to finish it in time to use it to sell of my stuff this summer.

I think I started a new field of science! Inspired by the discussions of my class on exploring the future, I'm developing a framework for combining System Dynamics and Complexity Theory. I'll call it "Histrionics" (from "Historical Physics" and "Cybernetics"). It'll be right up there with the Rising Constant (n²p) as one of my great contributions to humanity.

I build some software a few months ago for making a collection of random partial backups of all my data on CDs (because backing up everything at once is such a timesink). Well, last week I got a nice big external hard drive, so I started merging in some ideas to make it an passive-aggressive version-controlled repository for all my projects, email, and media. I'm calling it the Two Bit Secretary.

Current Music: The moon light held her breast As she easily undressed In my darkest hour

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