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The last week has been absolutely incredible. Ever since getting… - Transience Divine
April 23rd, 2008
04:08 pm


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The last week has been absolutely incredible. Ever since getting drunk with a friend last Sunday (right after he realized it was his 21st birthday!) and talking about life and women and moving, I've been feeling much better. Which isn't to say I don't feel anxiety and all the rest, but I've caught my emotional breath, and the incredible weather doesn't hurt!

I forgot how beautiful spring is! I saw the most beautiful thing in my life last week (except for some women of my acquaintance), even if it just a tree lit by a street lamp: Broadway Tree

Moving to Brazil is becoming more real-- I've started to look for a job down there, or a telecommuting deal up here. I'd been belittling the move (Hey, everyone has to live somewhere-- why not Brazil?), but that fact is I'm moving to Brazil despite a gazillion reasons to stay, because I think life will be more incredible if I do. If it's a mistake, I can always move back, or try a hundred other countries.

For the past week, I've been swimming in good music! My second couchsurfer, who's from Brazil, gifted me with a CD packed with Brazilian music, and my favorite guru for music-stalking, stars_gone_nova, just introduced me to a pile of new bands-- not to mention, some new friends. I haven't had enough time to enjoy them, but I'm in no hurry (time is short, but a hurried life is shorter).

Finally, I took my (third) couchsurfer, a PhD student studying the sociological effects of fractal geometry, to "Yeast Roast" at T.E.P. As we came in, the whole house was chanting "Yeast! Give us bread! Yeast! 'Till we're dead!" as a huge tray of yeasty delights was slowly lowered from the ceiling. She spent most of her time chatting up undergrads in the naked roof hot tub.

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