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Buy my Stuff - Transience Divine
June 18th, 2008
01:10 pm


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Buy my Stuff
I built a Community Auction site to sell my stuff! Take a look: Garage Sale Site

There are a bunch of items up, and I'm adding more every day.

This is Community Auction, (described here) which is different from normal auctions in three big ways:
  • The seller only gets what they ask for (mostly).
  • If you lose the auction to a higher bidder, you get the difference.
  • You bid as high you want other people to pay to take the item from you, because if you win the auction, you only pay the second-place bid's price (or you pay the asking price, if you were the only bidder).

There's more information on the What is Community Auction Page.

Bidding on my items stops either 2 days after last bid, or 11:59pm on June 27 at the latest. And, they're all on a "you pick it up" basis, but I might send it to you if you pay the shipping. Some of my items at higher-priced than normal garage sale prices, because sometimes I don't mind not selling them and storing them instead. But it's all cheap, and the more I get rid of, the better!

And you can add items your own items too! Feel free to pass the link on, and use the contact form if you see bugs or have suggestions.

There's one very big thing of mine that's not on the site, but desperately needs an owner. I have a soft-shelled underwater turtle. His name is Api. He's wonderful and cute, but I can't bring him to Brazil. He lives in a big 80 gallon aquarium currently on top of a bigger piece of wooden furniture (I don't know what it's called-- it has cabinets and drawers).

Do you want him? You may change his name, his diet, even resell him. I only ask that you treat him well: I don't want to run into him 20 years from now working at a turtle sweatshop in China.

The turtle, his fishy friends, tank, furniture (if you want it), and all supplies are free to a good home.

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