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Scare Post - Transience Divine
September 18th, 2008
12:04 pm


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Scare Post
I know I'm supposed to be reassuring and all, but this is too good.

I leave today at 6pm on a riverboat up the Amazon. I'll hang up my hammock, surrounded by other hammocks, and watch the forest float by. There is no wireless on the boat, even if I thought it was safe to take out my computer. So I will be totally out of contact for the next week (until next Thursday)!

I started taking Daraprim two days ago to prevent Malaria, and it's killing me. It's known for its strong side-effects-- like getting just a touch of Malaria-- everything from dizziness to losing red blood cells to seeing things. My muscles hurt, my throat is dry and scratchy, I'm just a bit out of it, and I woke up three times last night from vivid dreams.

Also last night I had a fantastic going-away/birthday party (more like three...), at a cool bar I'd never been to with great music and many fond "you'll always have a home here"'s. A friend asked how I was going to Manaus-- there being either boats or planes. I told him I was taking the boat. A look of fear pass over his face and he said, "Good luck," in a voice that said, "Man, I hope you make it."

It sounds like a great adventure to me! I'll talk to you again when it's over!

Current Mood: touchedswirls

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