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Post from Florianopolis, Pictures from Curitiba - Transience Divine
October 20th, 2008
12:38 am


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Post from Florianopolis, Pictures from Curitiba
Brazil just had its Daylight Savings Time, so I lost an hour :(. But it got me thinking-- it's always so gratifying when you move west, because you get more hours, and life is so short. But the most you can get that way is 23 hours, if you were lucky enough to be born at the edge of the Siberia. But this daylight savings thing gave me an idea! If you keep switching between the northern and southern hemispheres, you could pick up both daylight savings every year, which amounts to a whole day every 12 years. THEN, if you can just do 182 of those cycles, plus the day you got from moving to Alaska, you'll get a whole extra YEAR. What's more, in that same time, every 12 years you get 3 days for free, from leap years (minus the ones on century-changes). That's 1.5 MORE years. And by then, all told, you'll be 1 Alaska day + 182 cycles * 12 years-per-cycle + 1 year + 529 leap days = 2186.5 years old!

I'm in water-logged island paradise state capital Florianopolis. I searched around for an apartment here, but all my threads frayed, so I'm headed to Porto Alegre today. Last night, we went to a sweet-if-corporate club. It had about six suited guards at every door, an incredible light, sound, and fog system, a pay-by-scan-code system, and a crummy second DJ. And we had an ESFP from Montreal with us, so it was bound to be fun.

Today was the first day I've seen the sun here, so I headed to the lake in the middle of the island-- Lagoa da Conceição, the Lake of Making Babies. The main nightlife-centered village there is built on a sandbar that extends across the middle of the lake (are you getting the picture-perfectness of all this?). Needing to get away from the glamor, I headed out on the mountainous sandbar, and before long the only tracks in the sand were mine and those of some clawed jaguar-sized beast. It was very Sahara.

Parada Gay in Copacabana
Jardin Botanica, in Curitiba
Museu Oscar Neimeyer Architecture
Art in the Museu

"Bad Burning Man Trip" by Iberê Camargo

"stars_gone_nova's Nemesis" by Demarche
The Opera da Amare
Parque Barigui
Memorial da Imigração Ucraniana

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Date:October 20th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
Reading about the village built on a sandbar, in a lake, on an island made me have to go look at it on Google Maps. Very neat.

Gorgeous pictures as well.
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