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Cheese Foot - Transience Divine
October 21st, 2008
02:18 pm


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Cheese Foot
On almost every corner in Brazil you can find luncheonettes serving excellent sandwiches. In the north, they specialize in overflowing gooey buns in bags; in Rio Grande do Sul, where I am now, my sandwich fixings was served between two pancakes (sort of); only in Rio are the sandwiches boring.

The menu is usually dominated by entries like "X-Salada", "X-File", "X-Burger". The X stands for queijo, or cheese. It so happens that in Portuguese, X is pronounced "cheess". Not many Brazilians realize the concurrence. Now, P, as it happens, is pronounced the same as the word for foot, pe.

Which is all to say, I was just asked if my laptop runs Cheese Foot or Sight.

Current Mood: amusedufo

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