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Welcome, Mr. President-Elect - Transience Divine
November 5th, 2008
12:25 pm


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Welcome, Mr. President-Elect
I'm so happy, I could shout. The whole world-- well, at least Brazil-- was praying for this and watching with as much anticipation as we did. I'll always worry about democracy and the future, but last night the US showed that it was a far better courier of those two abstracts than I hitherto barely hoped.

I think it's likely that Obama will become the best president I've been alive for. The president in the show the West Wing was said to modeled after Clinton-- but to me Jed Bartlet's unflappable energy, intelligence, ability to inspire, and liberal courage seems to be a reflection of Barack Obama.

Even so, there was a voice of racism in me. I wondered, as I saw him walk out for his speech, "A black man? Is he going to be able to handle this? He isn't going to do anything crazy, is he?" And I could answer myself, yes, a very fine black man at that; yes, he'll handle it with grace and style; and no, he's going to set a lot of crazy things right. But I'm ashamed that I asked the questions in that light.

I have half a mind to move to Washington and start working the man. It an incredible thing to have the country in the hands of someone you respect.

Congratulations, Mr. President-Elect. You make us proud.

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