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Wildlife in Pictures - Transience Divine
November 23rd, 2008
05:39 pm


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Wildlife in Pictures
I still need to write a post about life, which has been full of reflection recently. Suffice it for now that I'm working a lot; I'm inspired that my moon sign is Taurus and my ascendant sign is Leo; I love LiveMocha; I miss my friends; I'm considering going back to school in Geopolitics; and I'm the captivated owner of a beautiful new all-wire-strung black acoustic guitar.

Some nights, loud (street-cleaning?) trucks move past my window, with an airy whine that sounds exactly like snow trucks in Boston, on a quite night after a deep snow. Saudade. I hear Boston got its first snow! How's winter?

Here are a few pieces in pictures of my life in Porto Alegre.

Last weekend was the 12a Parada Gay Livre Porto Alegre. I'm sorry these are so far away; you can only see the aggregate energy and festivity (but click on the thumbnails for more!). I partied in the parade before this point, but there was no room for pictures.

The Leading Edge


Down the Avenue

Also that weekend, I went to the 780 hectare Zôo of Rio Grande do Sul. A lot of the enclosures were impressively big and pleasant-looking: the chimpanzees and the gorillas had big islands far from their viewers, and half the other mammals had huge fields to themselves. Most were the same animals you see in every zoo, though.


Chimp Island


And yesterday I saw a play reminiscent of i Sebastiani's ICOD shows: it was about all the loves of the main character's life, and she had a different kind of kinky sex (hippie sex, which requires shouting out lines from Marx; ritualistic mystic sex; Santa Claus sex) about every five
minutes. It felt weird being on that side of the stage.

Early Years

Hippie Years

Mystic Sex

Sexy-Magician's Wife

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Date:November 24th, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
There were only a few flakes falling when I came out of work in the morning, melted before they stuck, but it was enough to remind me how late in the year it is.
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