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Projects for the World Social Forum - Transience Divine — LiveJournal
January 15th, 2009
03:51 pm


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Projects for the World Social Forum
Here are the projects I'm going to collect people for at the World Social Forum! I'll paint the pictures below on either side of a sign to sit next to me, and have the short descriptions translated to Portuguese. And I have plenty more details on both.

You interested in joining? Ideas? Questions? Comments on the designs and descriptions? Tell me!

Help make a Green Bus   Sustainable Travel and Service

I'm looking for people who want to experience South America, help the poor, and live and travel on a sustainable bus.

I have friends involved in BioTour, a traveling sustainability education non-profit. They modified a bus to run on vegetable oil, which they recycle from restaurants. I want to do the same-- plus collect a share of energy from the sun too, as they do.

Half of the bus would be for us, including places to sleep and enjoy ourselves. The other half would have services for poor villages we visit on the way. That could include facilities for basic medical care, internet access, and the opportunity for people to record their stories and be heard.

I also want to just travel around South America in an interesting and fun living arrangement. I think I can make it work for a fraction of the cost of hostel-stays and commercial bus travel.

Join an Economy of Passion

Do you want to be involved in something great? I have an idea for a way to build a new economic world, run by people's interests instead of money, starting online.

How will it work?
Anyone can propose a new project/business. It could be for-profit, for a particular community, for charity, for art, whatever. People can search through these projects and "sign on" to participate, with whatever time and skills they can provide. The site helps connect people and resources, and supports non-monitary compensation: an economy of time and reputation as well as money.

What are the requirements for projects?
All projects must be sustainable, economically just, and cooperatively organized.

When would it start and how can I help?
Development can start immediately. I need website developers, graphic designers, and business people to find support and spread the word.
  What's wrong with how we work?

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Date:January 16th, 2009 02:02 pm (UTC)
Is this the premise for Touristas II?
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Date:January 16th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC)
You know, another friend said my bus looked more like an alien worm. I'm almost considering not giving up my job to become a full-time drawer of buses.
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