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Writers Anonymous Group - Transience Divine
April 8th, 2009
10:38 pm


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Writers Anonymous Group
I want writing to be a much bigger part of my life! I'm mainly interested in writing non-fiction: essays, analysis, persuasion, particularly after reading the excellent On Writing Well. But I suppose that the absolute mastery of the English language is found only in traveling all its paths, so I'm forming a...

Writers Anonymous Group!

This was stars_gone_nova's idea, but she's busy and gave me her blessing in starting my own (while reserving the right to start her own later).

Here's what I wrote to a list:
Want to improve your writing style and practice the mechanics and art of writing? Want more people to read and comment on your work?

Join the Writers Anonymous Group!

Writing pieces would generally be 2 - 12 pages, submitted every other week or once a month. The other members in the group will review them, and then we'll meet (on IM or Skype) and discuss the work.

People of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome! You can focus on short stories, poetry, journalism, essays, plays; pieces of a long work or different projects every meeting.

If there's interest, we can include readings-on-writing and different challenges to write particular kinds of pieces.

If you're interested, email me and tell your friends!

I'm leaving Boston again soon-- looks like June-- so this will be a distributed support group for people who want to write, meeting online (hence, anonymous). I think it will be really fun, and good incentive and feedback for writing. Let us make words!

So tell me you want to join and start writing!

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