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Community Flight Finder, version 1.0 - Transience Divine
November 9th, 2009
06:44 pm


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Community Flight Finder, version 1.0
Do you like to travel, but hate looking for the best tickets? Download the Community Flight Finder and let your computer do the work for you!

Here's what I wrote in the Read Me:
Welcome to FFlight, the Free Community Flight Finder.

FFlight is for people who love travelling, just about anywhere.  The
scenario it's designed for is common:

  A) You want to take a round-trip trip some time in a several-week or
     several-month span, but you don't have specific dates (for
     example, you want to go any time during the winter).

  B) You could go to a wide range of places, and you might be willing
     to leave from several different airports, depending on what's

  C) The most important factor in choosing flights is getting a good
     deal for where you're going.  For example, you might go to Europe
     if you can find a flight for less than $400, but if you found a
     flight for under $700 to Asia, you would be interested in that.

  D) You don't want to spend hours searching for different tickets,
     but you'd love it if your computer would search for you.

FFlight checks the prices of flights from your airports to 2000
others, at various dates within your range, and it shares those deals
with other users so everyone can take advantage of them.

The main screen shows the best round-trip fares that fit your search
parameters.  It ranks all flights by the metric "cents-per-mile" to
help you find the best deals.

FFlight takes time to work, just like you would doing it yourself.
It's best to run it overnight (even over a few nights) to find the
best deals.

FFlight is open source software, licensed under the GNU General Public
License, Version 3.  You can get the latest source code from

This version has a number of new features, including selectable destinations, remembered search parameters, a tool to search for airport codes, community announcements (say, for updates), and a background search that checks old prices.

It's still only available for windows, so if you're a mac user who wants to use it, tell me when you'd like to fly and I'll have it search for you.

The best deals now include $490 r/t to Russia, $683 r/t to India, $686 r/t to China, $820 r/t to Thailand, $880 r/t to Indonesia, and $936 r/t to Australia.

Download it, and see you elsewhere!

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[User Picture]
Date:November 10th, 2009 04:40 pm (UTC)
Is it windows only?
[User Picture]
Date:November 10th, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC)
Right, I can read really. I was just so sad to see the .exe file I couldn't pause to read more carefully...
[User Picture]
Date:November 12th, 2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah, sorry about that. I do have plans to make a mac version, but my interest in it is currently petered out. Knowing that most of my friends are now mac is good incentive though.
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