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How to Win on Health Care - Transience Divine
November 16th, 2009
10:56 am


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How to Win on Health Care
In Washington, DC, the only thing that talks is money, and it talks loudly. Did you hear about Genentech ghost-writing 20 democrats' and 22 replublicans' comments in the congressional record? We have to turn off their megaphones, now!
Cancel Your Health Care
These are dangerous times, and until we win this thing, we need to stop giving the insurance companies $400 a month. I have. Insurance companies spent $478.5 million last year just lobbying the federal government (so, $1.1 million per congressman), not including campaign contributions, state lobbying, and public misinformation campaigns. That was money paid them to improve health care. Try getting your employer to set aside your health insurance money in a savings account, should you need it.

Donate for Heath Reform
If you want to express your desire for a public option, you have to do it with a check. I favor MoveOn.org, after their fantastic public option commercial, but I'm open to anyone who knows how to use money loudly. Just do it now.

If need be, I could even make a pro-public option health care pool, and you all can give me your $400 a month. I'll put 3% into lobbying, like the insurance companies (so, like $150 per year per person), and the rest can be saved and returned when this thing blows over, or given to those who need it.

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