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Welcome Trilobot! - Transience Divine
February 25th, 2010
11:17 pm


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Welcome Trilobot!
I made a baby! Well, a cute little robot really, but I think it's probably about the same.

trilobot back trilobot top

His name is Trilobot; he weights about one ounce, and he really likes light. He looks like a bug but he has two legs, two eyes, a shiny solar cell for a back, a big capacitor for a butt, and about six neurons for a brain. He's a BEAM photovore, which means he gathers all his own energy, and spends his time looking for light so he can keep looking for more light. In our dim apartment, he mostly seems to be just sitting around, but he's actually storing power to surprise us with a pop of movement every so often.

I'm in San Antonio, at this crazy interdisciplinary food, language, film conferences where Flame is giving a paper! We leave for COSTA RICA on Sunday! For a week! Hopefully visiting my aunt there, Volcan(o) Arenal, Monteverde/Santa Elena Cloud Forests, a TBD beach, Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja's hot springs, Nicaragua's Isla(nd) de Ometepe's twin island volcanoes.

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