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... no more students' dirty looks. - Transience Divine
May 1st, 2004
12:36 pm


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... no more students' dirty looks.
Classes are over, and the work of summer begins. After the grading that is.

I need to quickly create a class to teach next semester, if Olin will let me teach a class at all. My best idea has been a class in Human Systems Dynamics, with reading, experiments, modelling, and analysis (In fun, I'd subtitle it "Human Modelling and Control", the root of which is the name of another Olin class that many students take). The only problem is that as soon as I started talking about it, I found out that a group of four professors was already considering collaborating to create such a class for the Spring. My other best ideas are classes or seminars in "Philosophy of Engineering", "Artificial Intelligence Workshop", "Technologies and Cultures" (off MIT's ISP), "Experiments in Education", and "Medieval Immersion" (like St. John's/Waldorf schools).

My other goals for the summer include exporting my contributions to alternative methods of grading, packaging up my notes for the Signals and Systems lab I taught for future instructors, and working on a snake robot.

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