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Instant Preference Voting Site - Transience Divine
May 25th, 2010
10:38 pm


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Instant Preference Voting Site
Make your own preferential voting races! Use them to make decisions in groups, to keep track of personal priorities, to decide where to go to dinner with friends! Try it out!

Preferential voting allows you to rank all possible candidates, and then applies an "instant run-off" scheme to get the final winner. As a result, you can vote your actual preference, even if you don't think the candidate has a good chance of winning. Candidates are eliminated from the bottom, and when just two are left, the voting results accurately reflect how much each candidate would get in our normal "two party" voting system.

Vote on How I should improve the site next and See the results.

It will record your vote, based on your IP address, so you can go back and change it later.

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