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One Down! - Transience Divine
December 22nd, 2010
02:49 am


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One Down!
They tell me the worst is over. Yesterday I took my last final, and today I turned in a decent essay and a bunch of research work that I've been nursing for the last month. Today I also finished a two year project transcribing all my todo notecards into my virtual reminder system. I'm exhausted, but I think everything turned out alright. I can't wait to soak my feet in a steaming Turkish bath.

What's next? Well, I think I'm going to focus on the Travelers Network while I'm in Turkey and Egypt, which will be a nice shift. I get back the weekend of MIT's Mystery Hunt, and I'm trying to get a group together here to work on it. Next semester I want to run a "Friday Evening Experiments" meeting, just like the one that this year's Nobel physics prizers had for trying out things that might go nowhere, but for looking at lonely parts of SD, building odd models, and playing around with data.

Personally, my goal is to put some barriers around my school life. I haven't spent the time with Flame that she deserves recently (which is a lot, she's been incredibly supportive). School consumed me this term-- which was fun and all, but my virtual todo lists are awaiting!

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