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MIT Freedom Fighters - Transience Divine
May 29th, 2004
12:21 am


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MIT Freedom Fighters
It's good to see MITers do something with their lives. Lori Berenson '91 has long been a role-model, but she never achieved the same notoriety as Aafia Siddiqui '94, one of the current top seven threats to the US.

I've always been pretty pro-terrorist. But my recent read of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? has jostled me further that way.

I have a philosopher friend who firmly believes that, if a train is careening out of control at four deaf, blind frolickers, and if you have the opportunity to switch the track so that the train collides with only two, you should not, because to do so would be to participate in an unethical action.

I cannot agree, and now I know how. As engineers, we wield enormous power, which we can use, or which will loose itself into the systematic frameworks in which we participate. If the latter happens, it will never make people happier. Better to grasp that power and learn to use it well.

"Go and do your task, even though you know it's wrong.... You will be required to do wrong no matter where you go. It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity." (Wilber Mercer, Do Androids...?)

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Date:May 29th, 2004 08:15 am (UTC)
Oh, Aafia. I wonder why they want to question her.

She is no doubt one of the most blatantly Islamic people I have ever met (and that's saying something, for someone who spent 2 weeks in Turkey), but I do remember her stressing that Islam is about love. The Christian equivalent is a pacifist, not a crusader, so I'd guess that she'd have the equivalent orientation.
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Date:May 29th, 2004 07:49 pm (UTC)
Wow-- you know her? How well, and how? Do you remember if she had any commentary on western civilization (I assume she did not consider it to be about love)? Or the foundations or use of terrorism, and if it is compatible with love?

I wonder if she's changed, that the FBI wants to call her "armed and dangerous".
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Date:May 29th, 2004 09:11 pm (UTC)
hello mr. rising, it is Lawrence Detlor, of all people, who has crawled out of the woodwork to find your journal, of all things! (Through nobody_nowhere to bluefaith -- who i don't even know -- to Boing to you, actually.) what is contained within my own journal may be shocking to you. nevertheless, i think i'm ready to take the step of livejournal-friending. if i don't friend you immediately, that means i can't quite find the right color yet. do not despair. - LCD "arcos"
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Date:May 29th, 2004 09:18 pm (UTC)

I've got it

... Blue on blue, of course! the bluiest blue that ever blued. hope you like it. it is now official.
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Date:May 30th, 2004 12:22 am (UTC)

Re: I've got it

The one and only Lawrence! It's great to hear from you. I'd ask you how things are going, but I suppose you've already written it, and I can just find out.

Hope to hear more from you.
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