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A Dangerous Method - Transience Divine
January 11th, 2012
09:38 am


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A Dangerous Method
Flame and I went to see A Dangerous Method, the Freud and Jung movie yesterday. It's quite good, but don't go expecting to learn more about Freud, Jung, or their relationship.

The movie turns on Jung's relationship with Sabina Spielrein. We see her therapy, her tangled relationship with Jung, bits from their BDSM affairs. Everything except for the development of her ideas on psychotherapy.

After all the movie time spent developing that, there's precious left to explore Jung and Freud's relationship, much less their ideas. What emerges is a kind of false friendship, where Jung first uses Freud as a reluctant sounding-board and maintains the relationship of hollow lip service.

The strongest character in the movie is Otto Gross, on screen about 20 minutes. He philosophizes, seduces, psychoanalyzes, fucks, and leaves. In his wake, we are told he had a lasting impact on Jung, but we have to take their word for it.

For all that, the movie is well-constructed, intelligent, and engaging. Go see it, but look elsewhere for the psychology.

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